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Isioni was the beautiful wife of the sea god Nafplios, who gave his name to the town, and the mother of Palamidis, Iakas and Nafsimedon. It’s a name that escapes the myth to represent the real Nafplio, like Isioni pension whose unique location under the town’s castles represents an authentic experience straight from centuries past.

Nested in an old alley, protected from the buzz of the crowds but only a stone’s throw away from the historic center, Isioni listens to the whispers of history, follows Kapodistias footsteps, the first governor of independent Greece and gazes in awe upon the bulky silhouettes of Palamidi and the walls of Akronafplia.

Our ten spacious rooms with the elegant decoration and the comfortable sitting areas, can easily accommodate up to 3 people, a family or a group of friends whereas in the Castle View loft you can enjoy one of the most beautiful verandas in Nafplio with the imposing vista of Palamidi framing you relaxing moments.


In the other two lofts, the warmth of the wood & the architecture of the old building offer you the chance to escape to a romantic retreat while in the larger rooms you are surrounded by a stately yet cozy feeling coming from their vivid colors & the picturesque balconies. Αll rooms have a/c, LCD tv, free wi-fi & fridge. Before you begin exploring the town’s lovely little streets, the majestic archeological sites, the beaches & the opulent nature of the region you can take your breakfast in our newly renovated & refurbished dining room or enjoy a glass of wine & refreshments in our cozy lounge.


Isioni was the beautiful wife of the sea god Nafplios, who gave his name to the town.
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